Transgenic Plants Expressing Phytase Gene of Microbial Origin and Their Prospective Application as Feed

Iti Gontia, Keerti Tantwai, Lalit Prasad Singh Rajput and Sharad Tiwari*

Biotechnology Centre, J. N. Agricultural University, Jabalpur 482004, India

Article history:

Received November 25, 2010
Accepted July 27, 2011

Key words:

transgenic plants, phytase, phy gene, animal feed


Phytate is the primary storage form of phosphate in plants. Phytases from microbial sources are supplemented to feedstuff of monogastric animals to increase the uptake of phytate phosphorus. The use of microbial phytase is associated with high production cost and also requires special care in feed processing. Expression of phytase in transgenic plants is an alternative approach to the production of phytase for commercial use (organic farming) as well as for animal feed. This review summarizes the current knowledge of transgenic plants overexpressing phy gene and their potential application in animal feed. The need for alterations in the phy gene for enhanced expression, accumulation and activity of phytase in transgenic plants is also discussed.


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