Properties of Rose Hip Marmalades

Oktay Yildiz1* and Mehmet Alpaslan2

Vocational School of Maçka, Karadeniz Technical University, TR-61000 Trabzon, Turkey

2Department of Food Engineering, Inonu University, TR-44280 Malatya, Turkey

Article history:

Received September 13, 2010
Accepted June 15, 2011

Key words:

rose hip, marmalade, sensory properties, chemical properties, rheological properties, antioxidant properties


Rose hip, also known as wild rose, is a summer fruit. The aim of this research is to present physical, chemical, rheological, sensory and antioxidant properties of rose hip marmalades. Rose hips cultivated in Turkey are processed into pulp and then marmalade is made by using vacuum evaporator or classical method. For the purposes of this investigation, marmalades produced on a factory scale using two methods were compared to commercial marmalades purchased on market. The marmalades exhibited high levels of antioxidant activity as well as total phenolic content. The consistency indices for the marmalades were determined to be between 64.2 and 321 Pa·sn. Colour parameters, namely L, a, b, were measured and correlations between the examined parameters were calculated.


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