Table of Contents | January-March 2000


     ♦ Jadranka Lončarek and Jasna Sorić
        Constitutive Expression and Inducibility of Plasminogen Activator in
        Mer- Glioblastoma A1235 Cell Line and in Mer+ A8 Cells Transfected
        with Bacterial ada Gene
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 38 (1) 1–4 (2000)

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     ♦ Marko Dolinar, Andreja Mehle, Bojana Mozetič Francky, Ana Schweiger
        and Vito Turk
        Endoproteolytic Pattern Observed During Refolding of a Human
        Exopeptidase Proenzyme, Procathepsin H, Produced in Escherichia coli
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 38 (1) 5–9 (2000)
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     ♦ Bojana Boh, Damjan Hodžar, Danica Dolničar, Marin Berovič and Franc Pohleven
        Isolation and Quantification of Triterpenoid Acids from
applanatum of Istrian Origin
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 38 (1) 11–18 (2000)

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     ♦ Vesna Hegedusić, Zoran Herceg and Suzana Rimac
        Rheological Properties of Carboxymethylcellulose and Whey Model
        Solutions before and after Freezing
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 38 (1) 19–26 (2000)

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Yeast in the Production and Spoilage of Food and Beverages
(continued from
Food Technol. Biotechnol. 37 (1999) No. 4


     ♦ Georgina Rodrigues and Célia Pais
        The Influence of Acetic and Other Weak Carboxylic Acids on Growth
        and Cellular Death of the Yeast Yarrowia lipolytica 
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 38 (1) 27–32 (2000)

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     ♦ Helena Albergaria, Luis C. Duarte, M. T. Amaral-Collaço and Francisco M. Gírio
        Study of Saccharomyces uvarum CCMI 885 Physiology under Fed-Batch,
        Chemostat and Accelerostat Cultivation Techniques
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 38 (1) 33–38 (2000)

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     ♦ Cristina Aguiar and Cândida Lucas
        Yeasts Killer/Sensitivity Phenotypes and Halotolerance
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 38 (1) 39–46 (2000)

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     ♦ Célia Quintas, Emília Lima-Costa and Maria C. Loureiro-Dias
        The Effect of Ethanol on the Plasma Membrane Permeability of
        Spoilage Yeasts
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 38 (1) 47–51 (2000)

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     ♦ Angela Xufre, Fernanda Simões, Francisco Gírio, Alda Clemente
        and M. Teresa Amaral-Collaço
        Use of RAPD Analysis for Differentiation among Six Enological
spp. Strains
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 38 (1) 53–58 (2000)

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     ♦ Hernâni Gerós, Maria-Manuel Azevedo and Fernanda Cássio
        Biochemical Studies on the Production of Acetic Acid by the Yeast
        Dekkera anomala

        Food Technology and Biotechnology 38 (1) 59–62 (2000)

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     ♦ B. S. Ferreira, F. van Keulen and M. M. R. da Fonseca
        On-line Monitoring of Dissolved Gases Using Microporous Membrane
        Inlet and Mass Spectrometry
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 38 (1) 63–67 (2000)

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     ♦ Heinke Wolter, Elizna Laing and Bennie C. Viljoen
        Isolation and Identification of Yeasts Associated with Intermediate
        Moisture Meats
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 38 (1) 69–75 (2000)

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     ♦ W. D. F Laubscher, B. C. Viljoen and J. Albertyn
        The Yeast Flora Occuring in the Trachea of Broiler Chicken
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 38 (1) 77–80 (2000)

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