Table of Contents | January-March 2002


     ♦ Maja Matulic and Branko Brdar
        Urokinase-type Plasminogen Activator and Plasminogen Activator
        Inhibitor Induction by Etoposide in a Glioblastoma Cell Strain
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 40 (1) 1–7 (2002)

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     ♦ Michael Bauer, Roland Geyer, Herfried Griengl and Walter Steiner
        The Use of Lewis Cell to Investigate the Enzyme Kinetics of an
        (S)-Hydroxynitrile Lyase in Two-Phase Systems
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 40 (1) 9–19 (2002)
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     ♦ Christian Dotzauer, Matthias A. Ehrmann and Rudi F. Vogel
        Occurrence and Detection of Thermoanaerobacterium and
in Canned Food
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 40 (1) 21–26 (2002)

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     ♦ M. Legiša and S. Golič Grdadolnik
        Influence of Dissolved Oxygen Concentration on Intracellular pH
        and Consequently on Growth Rate of Aspergillus niger
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 40 (1) 27–32 (2002)

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     ♦ Liliana N. Ceci and Jorge E. Lozano
        Amylase for Apple Juice Processing: Effects of pH, Heat, and Ca2+ Ions
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 40 (1) 33–38 (2002)

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     ♦ Dubravka Kipčić, Jelena Vukušić and Blaženka Šebečić
        Monitoring of Chlorinated Hydrocarbon Pollution of Meat and Fish
        in Croatia
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 40 (1) 39–47 (2002)

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     ♦ Aleksandra Kukec, Marin Berovič, Štefan Čelan, Mojmir Wondra
        The Role of On-line Redox Potential Measurement in Sauvignon blanc
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 40 (1) 49–55 (2002)

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     ♦ M. A. Priede, J. J. Vanags and U. E. Viesturs
        Performance of Aspergillus niger Cultivation in Geometrically
        Dissimilar Bioreactors Evaluated on the Basis of Morphological Analyses
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 40 (1) 57–66 (2002)

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     ♦ Darija Vranečić, Želimir Kurtanjek, Andrelina M. P. Santos and Francisco Maugeri
        Optimisation of Inulinase Production by Kluyveromyces bulgaricus
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 40 (1) 67–73 (2002)

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     ♦ Vlatka Cubric-Curik, Maria Feligini, Jasmina Lukac-Havranek, Ino Curik
        and Giuseppe Enne
        Genetic Polymorphism of β-Lactoglobulin in Native Sheep from the
        Island of Pag
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 40 (1) 75–78 (2002)

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     ♦ Marjeta Recek, Neža Čadež and Peter Raspor
        Identification and Characterization of Yeast Isolates from Pharmaceutical
        Waste Water
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 40 (1) 79–84 (2002)
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