Table of Contents | October-December 2003


     ♦ Bennie C. Viljoen, Alison M. Knox, Paul H. De Jager and Analie Lourens-Hattingh
        Development of Yeast Populations during Processing and Ripening of Blue
        Veined Cheese
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 41 (4) 291–297 (2003)

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     ♦ Irena Budic-Leto, Tomislav Lovric and Urska Vrhovsek 
        Influence of Different Maceration Techniques and Ageing on Proanthocyanidins
        and Anthocyanins of Red Wine cv. Babić (Vitis vinifera L.)
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 41 (4) 299–303 (2003)
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     ♦ Karin Kovačević Ganić, Mario Staver, Đordano Peršurić, Mara Banović, Draženka Komes
        and Leo Gracin
        Influence of Blending on the Aroma of Malvasia istriana Wine
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 41 (4) 305–314 (2003)

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     ♦ Muhammad Ibrahim Rajoka, Samia Khan and Riaz Shahid
        Kinetics and Regulation Studies of the Production of β-Galactosidase from
marxianus Grown on Different Substrates
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 41 (4) 315–320 (2003)

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     ♦ Boris Varga, Zlatko Svečnjak, Zorica Jurković, Josip Kovačević and Željko Jukić
        Wheat Grain and Flour Quality as Affected by Cropping Intensity
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 41 (4) 321–329 (2003)

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     ♦ Jasna Hrenović, Darko Tibljaš, Hanife Büyükgüngör and Yüksel Orhan
        Influence of Support Materials on Phosphate Removal by the Pure Culture of
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 41 (4) 331–338 (2003)

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     ♦ Rong Chen, Lanfen Chen and Siyang Song
        Identification of Two Thermotolerance-Related Genes in Agaricus bisporus
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 41 (4) 339–344 (2003)

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     ♦ Nada Kraševec, Monika Svetina, Vladka Gaberc-Porekar, Viktor Menart and Radovan Komel
        In vivo and in vitro Cleavage of Glucoamylase-TNFα Fusion Protein Secreted from
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 41 (4) 345–351 (2003)

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     ♦ Marin Berovič, Jan Mavri, Mojmir Wondra, Tatjana Košmerl and Dejan Bavčar
        Influence of Temperature and Carbon Dioxide on Fermentation of Cabernet
        Sauvignon Must
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 41 (4) 353–359 (2003)

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     ♦ Helena Cetkovic and Lada Lukic-Bilela
        HMGB2 Protein from the Marine Sponge Suberites domuncula
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 41 (4) 361–365 (2003)

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     ♦ Petra Zrimsek and Marinka Drobnic-Kosorok
        Diagnostic Potential of Immunoblot Analysis for Identifying Rabbits Infected with
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 41 (4) 367–370 (2003)

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     ♦ Ricardo Wagner, David Alexander Mitchell, Guilherme Lanzi Sassaki,
        Maria Angela Lopes de Almeida Amazonas and Marin Berovič

        Current Techniques for the Cultivation of Ganoderma lucidum for the Production of
        Biomass, Ganoderic Acid and Polysaccharides
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 41 (4) 371–382 (2003)

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