Table of Contents | January–March 2004


     ♦ Simón J. Téllez-Luis, Juan J. González-Cabriales, José A. Ramírez
        and Manuel Vázquez

        Production of Transglutaminase by Streptoverticillium ladakanum
        NRRL-3191 Grown on Media Made from Hydrolysates of Sorghum Straw
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 42 (1) 1–4 (2004)

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     ♦ Fabiana Ribeiro Viana, Carolina Schaper Bizzotto, Disney Ribeiro Dias,
        Afonso L. Oliveira and Marialice Pinto Coelho Silvestre
        Bovine Blood Constituents as Fat Replacers in Ham Pâté
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 42 (1) 5–10 (2004)
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     ♦ Iztok Klenar, Marin Berovic and Mojmir Wondra 
        Phenolic Compounds from the Fermentation of Cultivars Cabernet
        Sauvignon and Merlot from the Slovenian Coastal Region
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 42 (1) 11–17 (2004)

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     ♦ Emine Alben and Osman Erkmen 
        Production of Citric Acid from a New Substrate, Undersized Semolina,
        by Aspergillus niger
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 42 (1) 19–22 (2004)

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     ♦ Leonard Vuyani Mabinya, John Morgan Brand, Ndjoko Yei Osée Muyima
        and Ganka Lubenova Pironcheva
        Kinetic Properties of α-Galactosidase and the Localization of Total
        Proteins in Erwinia chrysanthemi
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 42 (1) 23–26 (2004)

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     ♦ Sibel Fadiloğlu, Osman Erkmen and Gülten Şekeroğlu
        Thermal and Carbon Dioxide Inactivation of Alkaline Phosphatase in
        Buffer and Milk
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 42 (1) 27–32 (2004)

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     ♦ Hrvoje Lepedus, Vera Cesar and Marijana Krsnik-Rasol
        Guaiacol Peroxidases in Carrot (Daucus carota L.) Root
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 42 (1) 33–36 (2004)

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     ♦ Andrea Caridi, Antonio Cufari, Raffaele Lovino, Rosanna Palumbo
        and Idolo Tedesco
        Influence of Yeast on Polyphenol Composition of Wine
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 42 (1) 37–40 (2004)

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     ♦ Fabiano Cleber Bertoldi, Ernani S. Sant’Anna and Luiz H. Beirão
        Reducing the Bitterness of Tuna (Euthynnus pelamis) Dark Meat with
        Lactobacillus casei subsp. casei ATCC 393
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 42 (1) 41–45 (2004)

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     ♦ Zekai Tarakçι, Hayri Coşkun and Yusuf Tunçtürk
        Some Properties of Fresh and Ripened Herby Cheese, a Traditional
        Variety Produced in Turkey
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 42 (1) 47–50 (2004)

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     ♦ Carla J. S. M. Silva, Fernanda Sousa, Georg Gübitz and Artur Cavaco-Paulo
        Chemical Modifications on Proteins Using Glutaraldehyde
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 42 (1) 51–56 (2004)

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     ♦ Nada Kolb, Luciana Vallorani, Nada Milanović and Vilberto Stocchi
        Evaluation of Marine Algae Wakame (Undaria pinnatifida) and Kombu
        (Laminaria digitata japonica) as Food Supplements
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 42 (1) 57–61 (2004)

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     ♦ Osman Erkmen and Hüseyin Bozkurt
        Quality Characteristics of Retailed Sucuk (Turkish Dry-Fermented Sausage)
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 42 (1) 63–69 (2004)

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     ♦ by B. Grabaric - Chemical Analysis in the Quality System, M. Kastelan-Macan,
        Skolska knjiga, Zagreb 2003
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     ♦ Prof. dr. sc. Branimir Zamola (1935-2003)
        [ Full Text (PDF) ]

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