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     ♦ Anamarija Stafa, Ivan-Kresimir Svetec and Zoran Zgaga
        Inactivation of the SGS1 and EXO1 Genes Synergistically Stimulates
        Plasmid Integration in Yeast
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 43 (2) 103–108 (2005)

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     ♦ Gaetano Castaldo, John Crosby and Paul F. Long
        Exploring Protein Interactions on a Minimal Type II Polyketide Synthase
        Using a Yeast Two-Hybrid System
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 43 (2) 109–112 (2005)
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     ♦ Svetlana V. Kamzolova, Igor G. Morgunov, Andreas Aurich,
       Oksana A. Perevoznikova,
        Nadezda V. Shishkanova, Ulrich Stottmeister and Tatiana V. Finogenova
        Lipase Secretion and Citric Acid Production in Yarrowia lipolytica
        Yeast Grown on Animal and Vegetable Fat
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 43 (2) 113–122 (2005)

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     ♦ Maria Feligini, Silvia Frati, Vlatka Cubric Curik, Ada Brambilla, Pietro Parma,
        Ino Curik, Gian Franco Greppi and Giuseppe Enne
        Caprine as1-Casein Polymorphism: Characterisation of A, B, E and
        F Variants by Means of Various Biochemical and Molecular Techniques
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 43 (2) 123–132 (2005)

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     ♦ Abdulhameed Sabu, G. Shegal Kiran and Ashok Pandey
        Purification and Characterization of Tannin Acyl Hydrolase from
        Aspergillus niger
ATCC 16620
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 43 (2) 133–138 (2005)

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     ♦ Barbara Lah, Brigita Žinko, Mojca Narat and Romana Marinšek-Logar
        Monitoring of Genotoxicity in Drinking Water Using in vitro Comet
        Assay and Ames Test
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 43 (2) 139–146 (2005)

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     ♦ Agnes Weiss, Konrad Johann Domig and Wolfgang Kneifel
        Comparison of Selective Media for the Enumeration of
        Probiotic Enterococci from Animal Feed
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 43 (2) 147–155 (2005)

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     ♦ Marija Kurinčič, Ingrid Berce, Tina Zorman and Sonja Smole Možina
        The Prevalence of Multiple Antibiotic Resistance in Campylobacter spp.
        From Retail Poultry Meat
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 43 (2) 157–163 (2005)

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     ♦ Svetoslav Dimitrov Todorov and Leon Milner Theodore Dicks
        Effect of Growth Medium on Bacteriocin Production by
        Lactobacillus plantarum
ST194BZ, a Strain Isolated from Boza
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 43 (2) 165–173 (2005)

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     ♦ Nurcan Değirmencioğlu, Duygu Göçmen*, Ayhan Dağdelen
        and Fatih Dağdelen
        Influence of Tarhana Herb (Echinophora sibthorpiana) on
        Fermentation of Tarhana, Turkish Traditional Fermented Food
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 43 (2) 175–179 (2005)

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     ♦ Gaye Öngen, Sayit Sargιn, Derya Tetik and Timur Köse
        Hot Air Drying of Green Table Olives
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 43 (2) 181–187 (2005)

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     ♦ Damir Kapetanović, Bozidar Kurtović and Emin Teskeredžić
        Differences in Bacterial Population in Rainbow Trout
        (Oncorhynchus mykiss Walbum) Fry after Transfer from Incubator
        to Pools
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 43 (2) 189–193 (2005)

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     ♦ Begoña Delgado, Paula M. Periago, Raquel Conesa, Alfredo Palop
        and Pablo S. Fernández
        Use of Frequency Distribution Functions to Establish Safe
        Conditions in Relation to the Foodborne Pathogen Bacillus cereus
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 43 (2) 195–200 (2005)

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     ♦ Pieter A. Gouws and Ilse Liedemann
        Evaluation of Diagnostic PCR for the Detection of Listeria monocytogenes
        in Food Products
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 43 (2) 201–205 (2005)

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     ♦ Minna Kahala*, Maarit Mäki, Anne Lehtovaara, Juha-Matti Tapanainen
        and Vesa Joutsjoki
        Leuconostoc Strains Unable to Split a Lactose Analogue Revealed
        by Characterisation of Mesophilic Dairy Starters
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 43 (2) 207–209 (2005)
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