Selection of Saccharomyces sensu stricto for Mead Production

Andrea Caridi*, Salvatore Fuda, Santo Postorino, Mariateresa Russo and Rossana Sidari

Department of Agro-Forestry and Environmental Technology and Science, Agricultural Faculty, University of Reggio Calabria, Piazza San Francesco 7, I-89061 Gallina (RC), Italia

Article history:

Received December 11, 1998
Accepted June 14, 1999

Key words:

Saccharomyces sensu stricto, mead production, fermentation performance


The aim of this work was the selection of yeasts of oenological origin, able to carry out alcoholic fermentation of honey musts. We studied over one hundred strains of Saccharomyces sensu stricto. A preliminary screening with must prepared by mixing three parts of water and one of citrus honey was performed. The intensity of growth and the fermentation activity were evaluated. From the results of this screening, the strains with better characteristics were selected to test their fermentation perfor mance using a must at higher sugar concentration. The majority of the yeasts did not show the ability to grow in the honey must during preliminary screening. Many of those strains that passed the preliminary screening manifested some defects when tested for fermentation performance. For some fermentation characteristics, such as fermentation vigour and ethanol production, the strains showed remarkable differences, which were particularly useful in the subsequent selection. Four strains exhibited good general performance. The research will go on to employ the best strains for the production of meads on an experimental scale, with or without the addition of nutrients, and using different varieties of honey; the meads thus produced will be examined for their chemical, physicochemical and sensory profile.

*Corresponding author:
                                              ++39 965 682 816
                                              ++39 965 682 453

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