Submitting an Article

Before submission, authors are required to read the Instructions to authors carefully and prepare the manuscript accordingly.

All articles must be submitted
via the Journal's online submission system (COMET). Manuscripts sent by post or e-mail will not be considered. All submissions should be formatted according to the Journal's instructions.

For manuscript submission, the corresponding author needs first to sign up as a new user. After signing up, the author will receive a confirmation e-mail with the registration information. Upon registration, personal data should be entered. All fields marked by asterisk (*) are mandatory. For each subsequent submission by the same author, the existing user name and password need to be used.

When submitting the manuscript, first the submission title should be written and type of the submission should be selected. Then all coauthors should be added, with their affiliations and ORCID iD (once again, all fields marked with asterisk are mandatory). Authors who do not have an ORCID iD can obtain it for free at Afterwards, summary (max. 250 words) and key words (not more than 10 words) should be written. Manuscript should be uploaded separately from figures. However, tables and figures can be inserted into the manuscript at the end of the text.

The cover letter should be uploaded separately. It needs to contain full names of all authors (with underlined surnames), their titles and affiliations (preferably in English) with signatures confirming that manuscript or part of it was not accepted for publication or being considered for publication or published elsewhere. E-mail addresses of all authors should be provided in the cover letter, while the manuscript title page should provide contact details (phone/fax and e-mail address) of only the corresponding author. 

A proposal of up to three reviewers along with their contact details could be useful, provided that they are not from the authors' institutions or countries (when possible) of origin. All suggestions of reviewers will be evaluated and the decision about their selection will be brought by the Editorial Office. Authors bear the responsibility to provide accurate data about suggested reviewers; in case of false names and contact details the manuscript will be withdrawn from further processing, its publication will be retracted and the authors' institutions will be informed about the incident.

For each document upload, handle (e.g. letter, manuscript, Fig. 1, Fig. 2, etc.) should be choosen.

After submission, the corresponding author will receive a confirmation e-mail, which means that the upload was succesful and that the editors are notified that a new submission was made. If the confirmation e-mail is not received, the author should check the trash or spam folder and make sure that the system domain is not blacklisted, or contact system administrator. The authors can track the manuscript status by signing in as an existing user. When the evaluation process is completed, the corresponding author will receive an e-mail containg reviewers' comments and editor's decision, after which the author can sign in to the Comet system and download attachments if any.

In case of upload error, authors must not click on the cancel button, but using the same username and password upload again the correct submission material. For any technical issues contact the system administrator.

The revised version of the paper should be reuploaded through the online submission system, together with the reply to the reviewers and the letter to the Editor-in-Chief. All the changes made in the revised manuscript must be either highlighted, written in different colour or using Track changes. In reply to the reviewers the authors need to explain how they addressed each point given by the reviewer.

If you get stuck, or need any assistance, please contact the Editorial Office at  


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