Quality Diagram in Evaluation of Biscuits Sensory Properties

Ljiljana Primorac1, M. Filajdić2 and Vesna Martinušić3

Prehrambeno-tehnološki fakultet, Vijenac I. Meštrovića 7, HR-54000 Osijek, Croatia

2Prehrambeno-biotehno1oški fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, Pierottijeva 6, HR-41000 Zagreb, Croatia
3Tvornica keksa i kruha »S1oboda«, Zeleno polje 209A, HR-54000 Osijek, Croatia

Article history:

Received June 28, 1994
Accepted December 22, 1994


The aim of this paper was to suggest an appropriate way of following and presenting the sensory quality of biscuits and similar products. This method would enable simple control of production. The sensory quality of 10 products of the Biscuit and Bread Factory in Osijek was analyzed. The scoring system with different scales (different number of intervals) for each characteristic was applied for the sensory evaluation of the products. The results of rating were expressed by a 0 to 5 score applying weighting factors. The average scores and confidence interval were calculated for each property. The results are shown graphically, by a polar diagram, in which the properties are presented by coordinates and the scores by concentric circles. The average score and confidence interval for each sensory properly were plotted on the appropriate coordinate, so the quality diagrams of the selected products were obtained. From these diagrams one gets an immediate insight into the quality of food products. When presented on a transparent sheet they could be used as a standard to compare the results of daily production