Table of Contents | October-December 2016


♦  Miguel Espino-Díaz, David Roberto Sepúlveda, Gustavo González-Aguilar
    and Guadalupe I. Olivas
    Biochemistry of Apple Aroma: A Review
    Food Technology and Biotechnology 54 (4) 375-394 (2016)
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♦  Volker Schneider, Jonas Müller and Dominik Schmidt
    Oxygen Consumption by Postfermentation Wine Yeast Lees: Factors Affecting
    Its Rate and Extent under Oenological Conditions
    Food Technology and Biotechnology 54 (4) 395–402 (2016)
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♦  Shao-Quan Liu and Althea Ying Hui Quek
    Evaluation of Beer Fermentation with a Novel Yeast Williopsis saturnus
    Food Technology and Biotechnology 54 (4) 403–412 (2016)
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♦  Iwona Konopka, Beata Roszkowska, Sylwester Czaplicki and Małgorzata Tańska
    Optimization of Pumpkin Oil Recovery by Using Aqueous Enzymatic Extraction and
    Comparison of the Quality of the Obtained Oil with the Quality of Cold-Pressed Oil
    Food Technology and Biotechnology 54 (4) 413–420 (2016)
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♦  Tone Aspevik, Henning Egede-Nissen and Åge Oterhals
    A Systematic Approach to the Comparison of Cost Efficiency of Endopeptidases
    for the Hydrolysis of Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar) By-Products
    Food Technology and Biotechnology 54 (4) 421–431 (2016)
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♦  Maja Benković, Siniša Srečec, Ingrid Bauman, Damir Ježek, Sven Karlović,
    Dario Kremer, Ksenija Karlović and Renata Erhatić
    Assessment of Drying Characteristics and Texture in Relation with
    Micromorphological Traits of Carob (Ceratonia silliqua L.) Pods and Seeds
    Food Technology and Biotechnology 54 (4) 432–440 (2016)
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♦  Ivona Elez Garofulić, Zoran Zorić, Sandra Pedisić and Verica Dragović-Uzelac
    Optimization of Sour Cherry Juice Spray Drying as Affected by Carrier
    Material and Temperature
    Food Technology and Biotechnology 54 (4) 441-449 (2016)
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♦  Nermin Hande Avcioglu and Isil Seyis Bilkay
    Biological Treatment of Cyanide by Using Klebsiella pneumoniae Species
    Food Technology and Biotechnology 54 (4) 450-454 (2016)
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♦  Aynur Serçe, Bircan Çeken Toptancı, Sevil Emen Tanrıkut, Sevcan Altaş,
    Göksel Kızıl, Süleyman Kızıl and Murat Kızıl
    Assessment of the Antioxidant Activity of Silybum marianum Seed Extract
    and Its Protective Effect against DNA Oxidation, Protein Damage and
    Lipid Peroxidation
    Food Technology and Biotechnology 54 (4) 455–461 (2016)
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♦  Rudy Álvarez, Héctor Araya, Rosa Navarro-Lisboa and Carol Lopez de Dicastillo
    Evaluation of Polyphenol Content and Antioxidant Capacity of Fruits and
    Vegetables Using a Modified Enzymatic Extraction
    Food Technology and Biotechnology 54 (4) 462–467 (2016)
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♦  Ines Pohajda, Katarina Huić Babić, Ivana Rajnović, Sanja Kajić and Sanja Sikora
    Genetic Diversity and Symbiotic Efficiency of Indigenous Common Bean
    Rhizobia in Croatia
    Food Technology and Biotechnology 54 (4) 468–474 (2016)
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♦  Marina Mikulić, Andrea Humski, Bela Njari, Mario Ostović, Sanja Duvnjak
    and Željko Cvetnić
    Prevalence of Thermotolerant Campylobacter spp. in Chicken Meat in Croatia
    and Multilocus Sequence Typing of a Small Subset of Campylobacter jejuni
    and Campylobacter coli Isolates
    Food Technology and Biotechnology 54 (4) 475–481 (2016)
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♦  Magdalena Montowska and Edward Pospiech
    Processed Meat Protein and Heat-Stable Peptide Marker Identification Using
    Microwave-Assisted Tryptic Digestion
    Food Technology and Biotechnology 54 (4) 482–488 (2016)
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♦  Carolina Moroni Silva, Thais de Matos de Borba, Susana Juliano Kalil and
    Janaína Fernandes de Medeiros Burkert
    Raw Glycerol and Parboiled Rice Effluent for Carotenoid Production: Effect
    of the Composition of Culture Medium and Initial pH
    Food Technology and Biotechnology 54 (4) 489–496 (2016)
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♦  Muammer Kaplan, Öznur Karaoglu, Nazife Eroglu and Sibel Silici
    Fatty Acid and Proximate Composition of Bee Bread
    Food Technology and Biotechnology 54 (4) 497–504 (2016)
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