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♦ Juraj Bergman, Petar T. Mitrikeski and Krunoslav Brčić-Kostić
   Dominant Epistasis Between Two Quantitative Trait Loci
   Governing Sporulation Efficiency in Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae
   Food Technology and Biotechnology 53 (4) 367–378 (2015)
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♦ Dai Long Vu, Simona Žabčíková, Libor Červenka, Bensu Ertek and Yusuf Dilgin
   Sensitive Voltammetric Determination of Natural Flavonoid Quercetin on a
   Disposable Graphite Lead
   Food Technology and Biotechnology 53 (4) 379–384 (2015)
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♦ Ana Paula da Silva dos Passos, Grasiele Scaramal Madrona, Vanessa Aparecida
   Marcolino, Mauro Luciano Baesso and Graciette Matioli
   The Use of Thermal Analysis and Photoacoustic Spectroscopy in the
   Evaluation of Maltodextrin Microencapsulation of Anthocyanins from Juçara
   Palm Fruit (Euterpe edulis Mart.) and Their Application in Food
   Food Technology and Biotechnology 53 (4) 385–396 (2015)
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♦ Luana Fernandes, José Alberto C. Pereira, Isabel Lopéz-Cortés, Domingo M. Salazar
   and Elsa C. D. Ramalhosa
   Physicochemical Changes and Antioxidant Activity of Juice, Skin, Pellicle and
   Seed of Pomegranate (cv. Mollar de Elche) at Different Stages of Ripening
   Food Technology and Biotechnology 53 (4) 397–406 (2015)
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♦ Igor Lukić, Nikolina Jedrejčić, Karin Kovačević Ganić, Mario Staver and
   Đordano Peršurić
   Phenolic and Aroma Composition of White Wines Produced by Prolonged Maceration
   and Maturation in Wooden Barrels
   Food Technology and Biotechnology 53 (4) 407–418 (2015)
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♦ Monika Skowyra, Urszula Janiewicz, Anna Marietta Salejda, Grażyna Krasnowska
   and María Pilar Almajano
   Effect of Tara (Caesalpinia spinosa) Pod Powder on the Oxidation and Colour Stability of
   Pork Meat Batter During Chilled Storage

   Food Technology and Biotechnology 53 (4) 419–427 (2015)
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♦ Ana Flavia Azevedo Carvalho, Pedro de Oliva Neto, Paula Zaghetto de Almeida,
   Juliana Bueno da Silva, Bruna Escaramboni and Glaucia Maria Pastore
   Screening of Xylanolytic Aspergillus fumigatus for Prebiotic Xylooligosaccharide
   Production Using Bagasse

   Food Technology and Biotechnology 53 (4) 428–435 (2015)
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♦ Roya Afshari, Hedayat Hosseini, Ramin Khaksar, Mohammad Amin Mohammadifar,
   Zohre Amiri, Rozita Komeili and Amin Mousavi Khaneghah
   Investigation of the Effects of Inulin and β-Glucan on the Physical and Sensory
   Properties of Low-Fat Beef Burgers Containing Vegetable Oils: Optimisation of
    the Formulation Using D-Optimal Mixture Design
   Food Technology and Biotechnology 53 (4) 436–445 (2015)
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♦ Ana E. de la Horra, María Eugenia Steffolani, Gabriela N. Barrera, Pablo D. Ribotta
   and Alberto E. León
   Yeast-Leavened Laminated Salty Baked Goods: Flour and Dough Properties and Their
   Relationship with Product Technological Quality

   Food Technology and Biotechnology 53 (4) 446–453 (2015)
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♦ Renata Josipović, Zvonimira Medverec Knežević, Jadranka Frece, Ksenija Markov,
   Snježana Kazazić and Jasna Mrvčić
   Improved Properties and Microbiological Safety of Novel Cottage Cheese
   Containing Spices
   Food Technology and Biotechnology 53 (4) 454–462 (2015)
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♦ Boris Majić, Ivana Šola, Saša Likić, Iva Juranović Cindrić and Gordana Rusak
   Characterisation of Sorbus domestica L. Bark, Fruits and Seeds: Nutrient Composition
   and Antioxidant Activity

   Food Technology and Biotechnology 53 (4) 463–471 (2015)
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♦ George Botsaris, Antia Orphanides, Evgenia Yiannakou, Vassilis Gekas and Vlasios Goulas
   Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Effects of Pistacia lentiscus L. Extracts in Pork Sausages
   Food Technology and Biotechnology 53 (4) 472–478 (2015)
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♦ Gia Loi Tu, Thi Hoang Nga Bui, Thi Thu Tra Tran, Nu Minh Nguyet Ton and
   Van Viet Man Le
   Comparison of Enzymatic and Ultrasonic Extraction of Albumin from Defatted Pumpkin
   (Cucurbita pepo) Seed Powder

   Food Technology and Biotechnology 53 (4) 479–487 (2015)
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♦ Aryou Emamifar and Mehri Mohammadizadeh
   Preparation and Application of LDPE/ZnO Nanocomposites for Extending Shelf Life of
   Fresh Strawberries

   Food Technology and Biotechnology 53 (4) 488–495 (2015)
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♦ Marko Obranović, Dubravka Škevin, Klara Kraljić, Milan Pospišil, Sandra Neđeral, Monika
   Blekić and Predrag Putnik

   Influence of Climate, Variety and Production Process on Tocopherols,
   Plastochromanol-8 and Pigments in Flaxseed Oil

   Food Technology and Biotechnology 53 (4) 496–504 (2015)
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