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     ♦ Nataša Bauer, Rosemary Vuković, Saša Likić and 
        Sibila Jelaska
        Potential of Different Coleus blumei Tissues for
        Rosmarinic Acid Production 
Food Technology and Biotechnology 53 (1) 3–10 (2015)
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     ♦ Bhakti Bajpai, Monika Chaudhary and Jyoti Saxena  
        Production a
nd Characterization of α-Amylase from an
        Extremely Halophilic Archae
on, Haloferax sp. HA10  
Food Technology and Biotechnology 53 (1) 11–17 (2015)
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     ♦ Marcin Bryła, KrystynaSzymczyk, Renata Jędrzejczak and 
       Marek Roszko
        Application of Liquid Chromatography/Ion Trap Mass 
        Spectrometry Technique to Determine Ergot Alkaloids in
        Grain Products
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 53 (1) 18–28 (2015)   
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     ♦ Seongho Jang, Dongyun Lee, Il Sang Jang, Hyeon-Son Choi and
        Hyung Joo Suh
        The Culture of Pediococcus pentosaceus T1 Inhibits Listeria 
        Proliferation in Salmon Fillets and Controls Maturation of
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 53 (1) 29–37 (2015)  
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     ♦ Marijana Sakač, Mladenka Pestorić, Aleksandra Mišan, Nataša 
        Nedeljković, Dubravka Jambrec, Pavle Jovanov, Vojislav Banjac,
        Aleksandra Torbica, Miroslav Hadnađev and Anamarija Mandić
        Antioxidant Capacity, Mineral Content and Sensory Properties 
        of Gluten-Free Rice and Buckwheat Cookies
Food Technology and Biotechnology 53 (1) 38–47 (2015)   
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     ♦ José Armando Ulloa, Silvia Jazmin Ibarra-Zavala, Silvia Patricia
Petra Rosas-Ulloa, José Carmen Ramírez-Ramírez 
        and Blanca Estela Ulloa-Rangel 
        Chemical, Physicochemical, Nutritional, Microbiological, Sensory
        and Rehydration Characteristics of Instant Whol
Beans (Phaseolus
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 53 (1) 48–56 (2015) 
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     ♦ Nihar R. Sahoo, Lalit M. Bal, Uma S. Pal and Dipika Sahoo
Impact of Pretreatment and Drying Methods on Quality Attributes 
        of Onion Shreds
Food Technology and Biotechnology 53 (1) 57–65 (2015)  
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     ♦ Robert Duliński, Emilia Katarzyna Cielecka, Małgorzata Pierzchalska
        and Krzysztof Żyła
Phytases Improve Myo-Inositol Bioaccessibility in Rye Bread: 
        A Study Using an In Vitro Method of Digestion and a Caco-2
        Cell Culture Model
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 53 (1) 66–72 (2015)  
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     ♦ Elisabeta I. Geana, Oana R. Dinca, Roxana E. Ionete, Victoria 
        Artem and Violeta C. Niculescu
        Monitoring trans-Resveratrol in Grape Berry Skins Durin
        Ripening and in Corresponding Wines by HPLC
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 53 (1) 73–80 (2015)  
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Maryam Asnaashari, Seyed Mohammad Bagher Hashemi, Hamed 
       Mahdavian Mehr and Seyed Hossein Asadi Yousefabad 
       Kolkhoung (Pistacia Khinjuk) Hull Oil and Kernel Oil as Antioxidative
       Vegetable Oils with High Oxidative Stability and Nutritional Value
       Food Technology and Biotechnology 53 (1) 81–86 (2015) 
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     ♦ Chau Minh Le, Claire Donnay-Moreno, Sandrine Bruzac, Régis Baron
Huong Thi My Nguyen and Jean Pascal Bergé
        Proteolysis of Sardine (Sardina pilchardus) and Anchovy (Stolephorus
) by Commercial Enzymes in Saline Solutions 
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 53 (1) 87–90 (2015) 
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     ♦ Tripti Singhania, Harsh Sinha, Paulomi Das and Amit Kumar Mukherjee
Efficient Degumming of Rice Bran Oil by Immobilized PLA1
        from Thermomyces lanuginosus
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 53 (1) 91–95 (2015)  
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     ♦ Hoang Phong Nguyen, Hoang Du Le and Van Viet Man Le
Effect of Ethanol Stress on Fermentation Performance of Saccharomyces
 Cells Immobilized on Nypa fruticans Leaf Sheath Pieces 
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 53 (1) 96–101 (2015) 
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     ♦ Valéria Dal Prá, Carolina Bolssoni Dolwitsch, Fernanda Oliveira Lima,
        Camilo Amaro de Carvalho, Carine Viana, Paulo Cícero do Nascimento 
Marcelo Barcellos da Rosa

        Ultrasound-Assisted Extraction and Biological Activities of Extracts 
        of Brassica oleracea var. capitata
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 53 (1) 102–109 (2015)
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     ♦ Aistė Kabašinskienė, Algirdas Liutkevičius, Dalia Sekmokienė, Gintarė
        Zaborskienė and Jūratė Šlapkauskaitė 
        Evaluation of the Physicochemical Parameters of Functional  
        Whey Beverages
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 53 (1) 110–115 (2015) 
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