Table of Contents | January-March 1998


     ♦ Ittita Babjeva, Irina Reshetova
        Yeast Resources in Natural Habitats at Polar Circle Latitude
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 36(1) 1-5 (1998)
        » Abstract
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     ♦ Elena Isakova, Andrei Belov, Ludmila Gorpenko, Renata Zvyagilskaya
        Thermotolerant Candida blankii Yeast Strain: Biochemical
        Properties with a Special Reference to Bioenergetics
        Food Technology and Biotechnology
36(1) 13-18 (1998)
» Abstract
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     ♦ Sonja Smole Molina, Neža Čadež, Peter Raspor
        rDNA RFLPs and AP-PCR Fingerprinting of Type Strains and
        Grape-Must Isolates of Hanseniaspora (Kloeckera) Yeasts
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 36(1) 37-43 (1998)
        » Abstract
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     ♦ D. Cavalieri, C. Barberio, E. Casalone, F. Pinzauti, F. Sebastian,
        R. Mortimer, M. Poisinelli
        Genetic and Molecular Diversity in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
        Natural Populations
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 36(1):45-50 (1998)
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     ♦ Boris Kovač, Peter Raspor
        The Yeast Flora of Maize Silage
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 36(1) 7-11 (1998)
        » Abstract
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     ♦ C. Sieiro, N. M. Reboredo, P. Blanco, A. Diaz, T. G. Villa
        The Genetics and Molecular Biology of Flocculation in
        Saccharomyces cerevisiae
: An Overview
        Food Technology and Biotechnology
36(1) 31-36 (1998)
» Abstract
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     ♦ Aleksander R. Kulackovsky, Oleg V. Stasyk, Halyna P. Ksheminska,
        Liubov R. Fayura, Oksana M. Moroz, Andrii A. Sibirny
        Nutrition and Ultrastructure of the Mutants of Methylotrophic
        Yeasts Defective in Biogenesis and Degradation of Peroxisomes
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 36(1):19-26 (1998)
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     ♦ Patrizia Romano, Erminio Monteleone, Margherita Paraggio,
        Rossella Marchese, Gabriella Caporale, Angela Cartacei 
        A Methodological Approach to the Selection of
        Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Wine Strains
        Food Technology and Biotechnology
36(1) 69-74 (1998)
» Abstract
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     ♦ H. Alexandre, F. Bertrand, C. Charpentier
        Ethanol Induced Yeast Film Formation with Cell Surface
        Hydrophobicity as a Major Determinant
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 36(1) 27-30 (1998)
        » Abstract
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     ♦ Sandra Rainieri, Paolo Giudici, Carlo Zambonelli
        Oenological Properties of Saccharomyces bayanus and
        Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Interspecific Hybrids
        Food Technology and Biotechnology
36(1) 51-53 (1998)
» Abstract
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     ♦ Emilio Celotti, Franco Battistutta, Alessandra Vnerich, Michela Maifreni,
        Roberto Zironi
        Evaluation of the Enological Suitability of Some Strains of
        Saccharomyces cerevisiae
for Sauvignon Blanc
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 36(1) 55-62(1998)
        » Abstract
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     ♦ Andrea Caridi, Vito Corte, Carlo Zambonelli
        Influence of the Production Yeast Strain on the Development of
        Malolactic Fermentation in White Wine
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 36(1) 63-68 (1998)
        » Abstract
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     ♦ Elise Borregaard, Nils Arneborg
        Interactions Between Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis and
        Issatchenkia orientalis at Milk Fermentation
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 36(1) 75-78 (1998)
        »  Abstract
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     ♦ Suzanna J. C. M. Oomes, Stanley Brul
        An Improved Method for the Screening of Fungal Growth Inhibition
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 36(1) 79-84 (1998)
        »  Abstract
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