Table of Contents | July-September 2002


     ♦ Nataša Bauer, Dunja Leljak Levanić, Snježana Mihaljević and Sibila Jelaska
        Genetic Transformation of Coleus blumei Benth. Using Agrobacterium
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 40 (3) 163–169 (2002)

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     ♦ Petra Zrimsek and Marinka Drobnic-Kosorok
        Diagnostic Value of ELISA Tests for the Detection of Specific Antibodies in
        Cats and Rabbits with Dermatophytosis
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 40 (3) 171–175 (2002)
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     ♦ Tina Zorman and Sonja Smole Mozina
        Classical and Molecular Identification of Thermotolerant Campylobacters
        from Poultry Meat
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 40 (3) 177–184 (2002)

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     ♦ Dunja Bandelj, Jernej Jakse and Branka Javornik
        DNA Fingerprinting of Olive Varieties by Microsatellite Markers
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 40 (3) 185–190 (2002)

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     ♦ José Diz, José M. Cruz, Herminia Domínguez and Juan C. Parajó
        Xylitol Production from Eucalyptus Wood Hydrolysates in Low-Cost
        Fermentation Media
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 40 (3) 191–197 (2002)

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     ♦ Rosslyn M. Birch, Ann Dumont and Graeme M. Walker
        The Role of Magnesium and Calcium in Governing Yeast Agglomeration
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 40 (3) 199–205 (2002)

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     ♦ Branka Mozetic, Polonca Trebse and Janez Hribar
        Determination and Quantitation of Anthocyanins and Hydroxycinnamic
        Acids in Different Cultivars of Sweet Cherries (Prunus avium L.) from
        Nova Gorica Region (Slovenia)
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 40 (3) 207–212 (2002)

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     ♦ Massimo Mozzon, Natale G. Frega, Baldassare Fronte and Massimo Tocchini
        Effect of Dietary Fish Oil Supplements on Levels of n-3 Polyunsaturated
        Fatty Acids, trans Acids and Conjugated Linoleic Acid in Ewe Milk
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 40 (3) 213–219 (2002)

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     ♦ Irena Budic-Leto and Tomislav Lovric
        Identification of Phenolic Acids and Changes in their Content during
        Fermentation and Ageing of White Wines Pošip and Rukatac
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 40 (3) 221–225 (2002)

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     ♦ Borislav Miličević, Mara Banović, Karin Kovačević-Ganić and Leo Gracin
        Impact of Grape Varieties on Wine Distillates Flavour
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 40 (3) 227–232 (2002)

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     ♦ Sonja Durajlija-Žinić, Helena Ćetković, Werner E. G. Müller and Vera Gamulin
        Signal Recognition Particle 54 kD Protein (SRP54) from the Marine Sponge
        Geodia cydonium
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 40 (3) 233–237 (2002)
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