Table of Contents | April - June 2003


     ♦ Andreas Paar, Alexander Raninger, Fernanda de Sousa, Ivo Beurer,
        Artur Cavaco-Paulo and Georg M. Gübitz

        Production of Catalase-Peroxidase and Continuous Degradation of
        Hydrogen Peroxide by an Immobilised Alkalothermophilic Bacillus sp.
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 41 (2) 101–104 (2003)

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     ♦ Valéria M. G. Lima, Nadia Krieger, Maria Inez M. Sarquis, David A. Mitchell,
        Luiz P. Ramos and José D. Fontana
        Effect of Nitrogen and Carbon Sources on Lipase Production by
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 41 (2) 105–110 (2003)
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     ♦ Draženka Komes, Tomislav Lovrić, Karin Kovačević Ganić and Leo Gracin
        Study of Trehalose Addition on Aroma Retention in Dehydrated
        Strawberry Puree
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 41 (2) 111–119 (2003)
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     ♦ Karmen Godič Torkar and Bojana Bogovič Matijašić
        Partial Characterisation of Bacteriocins Produced by Bacillus cereus
        Isolates from Milk and Milk Products
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 41 (2) 121–129 (2003)

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     ♦ Rocio M. Uresti, Nancy López-Arias, José A. Ramírez and Manuel Vázquez
        Effect of Amidated Low Methoxyl Pectin on the Mechanical Properties
        and Colour Attributes of Fish Mince
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 41 (2) 131–136 (2003)

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     ♦ Sung Han Lim, Hwa Ming, Enoch Y. Park and Jong Soo Choi 
        Improvement of Riboflavin Production Using Mineral Support in the
        Culture of Ashbya gossypii
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 41 (2) 137–144 (2003)

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     ♦ Andrea Caridi
        Effect of Protectants on the Fermentation Performance of Wine
        Yeasts Subjected to Osmotic Stress
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 41 (2) 145–148 (2003)

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     ♦ Jadranka Varljen, Sanda Šulić, Jasminka Brmalj, Lara Batičić, Vojko Obersnel
        and Miljenko Kapović
        Lipid Classes and Fatty Acid Composition of Diplodus vulgaris and
        Conger conger
Originating from the Adriatic Sea
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 41 (2) 149–156 (2003)

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     ♦ Jasna Hrenovic, Hanife Büyükgüngör and Yüksel Orhan
        Use of Natural Zeolite to Upgrade Activated Sludge Process
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 41 (2) 157–165 (2003)

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     ♦ Markus Forster, Elena Rodríguez Rodríguez, Jacinto Darias Martín
        and Carlos Díaz Romero
        Distribution of Nutrients in Edible Banana Pulp
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 41 (2) 167-171 2003

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     ♦ Jacinto Darias-Martín, Gloria Lobo-Rodrigo, José Hernández-Cordero,
        Eugenio Díaz-Díaz and Carlos Díaz-Romero
        Alcoholic Beverages Obtained from Black Mulberry
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 41 (2) 173–176 2003

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     ♦ Senka Džidić, Višnja Bačun-Družina and Mirjana Petranović
        The Role of Mismatch Repair in Bacterial Evolution
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 41 (2) 177–182 (2003)

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     ♦ Srecko Jelenić
        Controversy Associated With the Common Component of
        Most Transgenic Plants – Kanamycin Resistance Marker Gene
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 41 (2) 183–190 (2003)

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Petar T. Mitrikeski
8th Croatian Biological Congress with International Participation, Zagreb, September 27 - October 2, 2003

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