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Athanasios A. Koutinas and Ashok Pandey
Food Technology and Biotechnology 46 (2) 123 (2008)



     ♦ Asalapuram R. Pavankumar and Krishnan Sankaran
        The Need and New Tools for Surveillance of Escherichia coli
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 46 (2) 125–145 (2008)

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     ♦ Luís Ferreira, Cristina Afonso, Helder Vila-Real, António Alfaia
        and Maria H.L. Ribeiro
        Evaluation of the Effect of High Pressure on Naringin Hydrolysis
        in Grapefruit Juice with Naringinase Immobilised in Calcium
        Alginate Beads
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 46 (2) 146–150 (2008)
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     ♦ Charalampos Proestos, Ioannis Spyridon Boziaris, Maria Kapsokefalou
        and Michael Komaitis
        Natural Antioxidant Constituents from Selected Aromatic Plants
        and Their Antimicrobial Activity Against Selected Pathogenic
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 46 (2) 151–156 (2008)

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     ♦ Petras Rimantas Venskutonis, Egidijus Daukšas and Björn Sivik
        Use of Immobilised Lipase from Candida antarctica in
        Supercritical Fluid Extraction of Borage (Borago officinalis L.)
        Seed Oil
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 46 (2) 157–163 (2008)

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     ♦ Sylwia Bonin and Joanna Skwira
        Effect of Continuous Fermentation of High-Sugar Fruit Must
        on the Viability and Morphology of Immobilized Yeast on White
        Foam Glass
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 46 (2) 164–170 (2008)

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     ♦ Grace Sathyanesan Anisha, Rajeev Kumar Sukumaran
        and Parukuttyamma Prema
        Statistical Optimization of α-Galactosidase Production in
        Submerged Fermentation by Streptomyces griseoloalbus Using
        Response Surface Methodology
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 46 (2) 171–177 (2008)

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     ♦ Michele Rigon Spier, Ralf Greiner, José Angel Rodriguez-León,
        Adenise Lorenci Woiciechowski, Ashok Pandey, Vanete Thomaz Soccol
        and Carlos Ricardo Soccol
        Phytase Production Using Citric Pulp and Other Residues of
        the Agroindustry in SSF by Fungal Isolates
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 46 (2) 178–182 (2008)

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     ♦ Giselle Maria Maciel, Luciana Porto de Souza Vandenberghe,
        Charles Windson Isidoro Haminiuk, Ricardo Cancio Fendrich,

        Bianca Eli Della Bianca, Tahiana Quintella da Silva Brandalize,
        Ashok Pandey and Carlos Ricardo Soccol
        Xylanase Production by Aspergillus niger LPB 326 in Solid-State
        Fermentation Using Statistical Experimental Designs
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 46 (2) 183–189 (2008)

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     ♦ Sumitra Ramachandran, Pierre Fontanille, Ashok Pandey
        and Christian Larroche
        Stability of Glucose Oxidase Activity of Aspergillus niger
        Spores Produced by Solid-State Fermentation and Their
        Role as Biocatalysts in Bioconversion Reaction
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 46 (2) 190–194 (2008)

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     ♦ Janny Coca Armas, Julio C. Dustet Mendoza and José L. Martínez Hernández
        Mucor griseocyanus Lipase: Production, Characterization
        and Study of Some Catalytic Properties of the Immobilised Enzyme
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 46 (2) 195–201 (2008)

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     ♦ Denis Linares, Pierre Fontanille and Christian Larroche
        Protective Effect of Biomass Components Against yInterfacial
        Inactivation of α-Pinene Oxide Lyase from Pseudomonas rhodesiae
        CIP 107491
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 46 (2) 202–207 (2008)

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     ♦ Elena Efremenko, Olga Senko, Dinara Zubaerova, Elena Podorozhko
        and Vladimir Lozinsky
        New Biocatalyst with Multiple Enzymatic Activities for Treatment of
        Complex Food Wastewaters
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 46 (2) 208–212 (2008)

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     ♦ Janeth Ventura, Ruth Belmares, Antonio Aguilera-Carbo,
        Gerardo Gutiérrez-Sanchez, Raul Rodríguez-Herrera
        and Cristóbal Noé Aguilar

        Fungal Biodegradation of Tannins from Creosote Bush
        (Larrea tridentata) and Tar Bush (Fluorensia cernua) for Gallic
        and Ellagic Acid Production
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 46 (2) 213–217 (2008)

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     ♦ Cristóbal Noé Aguilar, Antonio Aguilera-Carbo, Armando Robledo,
        Janeth Ventura, Ruth Belmares, Diego Martinez, Raul Rodríguez-Herrera
        and Juan Contreras
        Production of Antioxidant Nutraceuticals by Solid-State Cultures of
        Pomegranate (Punica granatum) Peel and Creosote Bush
        (Larrea tridentata) Leaves
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 46 (2) 218–222 (2008)

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     ♦ Vitor Henrique Grigull, Delne Domingos da Silva, Michele Cristina Formolo Garcia,
        Sandra Aparecida Furlan, Ana Paula Testa Pezzin, Andréa Lima dos Santos Schneider
        and Gláucia Falcão Aragão

        Production and Characterization of Poly(3-Hydroxybutyrate)
        from Oleic Acid by Ralstonia eutropha
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 46 (2) 223–228 (2008)

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     ♦ Maristela F.S. Peres, Cecilia Laluce and Edwil A.L. Gattás
        Colorimetric Enzymatic Assay of L-Malic Acid Using Dehydrogenase
        from Baker’s Yeast
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 46 (2) 229–233 (2008)

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    Dr.Sc. Srećko Jelenić, assistant professor (1966–2008)

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