Table of Contents | April–June 2009


     ♦ Prashant R. Chawla, Ishwar B. Bajaj, Shrikant A. Survase
        and Rekha S. Singhal

        Microbial Cellulose: Fermentative Production and
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 47 (2) 107–124 (2009)

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     ♦ Radka Pribylova, Petr Kralik, Ivo Pavlik and Milan Bartos
        Detection of Genetic Modification 'ac2' in Potato
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 47 (2) 125–130 (2009)
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     ♦ Mariusz Trytek, Jan Fiedurek and Marcin Skowronek
        Biotransformation of (R)-(+)-Limonene by the
        Psychrotrophic Fungus Mortierella minutissima in
        H2O2-Oxygenated Culture
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 47 (2) 131–136 (2009)

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     ♦ Zhong-Wei Xu, Yu-Qiang Li, Yong-Hua Wang, Bo Yang
        and Zheng-Xiang Ning
        Production of β-Fructofuranosidase by Arthrobacter sp.
        and Its Application in the Modification of Stevioside
        and Rebaudioside A
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 47 (2) 137–143 (2009)

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     ♦ Svetlana V. Kamzolova, Alsu I. Yusupova, Emiliya G. Dedyukhina,
        Tatiana I. Chistyakova, Tatiana M. Kozyreva
and Igor G. Morgunov
        Succinic Acid Synthesis by Ethanol-Grown Yeasts
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 47 (2) 144–152 (2009)

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     ♦ Dubravko Pavoković, Gordana Rusak, Višnja Besendorfer
        and Marijana Krsnik-Rasol
        Light-Dependent Betanin Production by Transformed
        Cells of Sugar Beet
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 47 (2) 153–158 (2009)

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     ♦ Ruchir C. Pansuriya and Rekha S. Singhal
        Supercritical Fluid Extraction of Lovastatin from the
        Wheat Bran Obtained after Solid-State Fermentation
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 47 (2) 159–165 (2009)

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     ♦ Štefan Fujs, Tina Semenič and Peter Raspor
        The Effect of ATP Sulphurylase on the Prooxidant
        Properties of Selenate in Yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 47 (2) 166–171 (2009)

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     ♦ Luigi Campanella, Giulia Di Persio, Manuela Pintore,
        Daniele Tonnina, Nicola Caretto, Elisabetta Martini
        and Dalina Lelo
        Determination of Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs
        (NSAIDs) in Milk and
        Fresh Cheese Based on the Inhibition of Cyclooxygenase
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 47 (2) 172–177 (2009)

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     ♦ Svetoslav D. Todorov, Johan W. von Mollendorff, Erica Moelich,
        Nina Muller, R. Corli Witthuhn and Leon M. T. Dicks
        Evaluation of Potential Probiotic Properties of
        Enterococcus mundtii
, Its Survival in Boza and in situ
        Bacteriocin Production
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 47 (2) 178–191 (2009)

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     ♦ Ariel Massera, Adriana Soria, Carlos Catania, Sibylle Krieger
        and Mariana Combina
        Simultaneous Inoculation of Malbec (Vitis vinifera)
        Musts with Yeast and Bacteria: Effects on Fermentation
        Performance, Sensory and Sanitary Attributes of Wines
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 47 (2) 192–201 (2009)

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     ♦ Edyta Malinowska-Pańczyk, Ilona Kołodziejska, Dorota Murawska
        and Gabriel Wołosewi
        The Combined Effect of Moderate Pressure and Chitosan
        on Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus Cells
        Suspended in a Buffer and on Natural Microflora of Apple
        Juice and Minced Pork
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 47 (2) 202–209 (2009)

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     ♦ Gao-Qiang Liu and Xiao-Ling Wang
        Selection of a Culture Medium for Reducing Costs and
        Enhancing Biomass and Intracellular Polysaccharide
        Production by Agaricus blazei AB2003
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 47 (2) 210–214 (2009)

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     ♦ Li-Xia Pan, Deng-Feng Yang, Li Shao, Wei Li, Gui-Guang Chen
        and Zhi-Qun Liang

        Isolation of the Oleaginous Yeasts from the Soil and Studies
        of Their Lipid-Producing Capacities
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 47 (2) 215–220 (2009)

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     ♦ Giovana Cristina Ceni, Eliana Maria Baldissera,
        Maristela dos Santos Primo, Octávio Augusto Ceva Antunes,
        Cláudio Dariva, José Vladimir de Oliveira and Débora de Oliveira

        Influence of Application of Microwave Energy on Quality
        Parameters of Mate Tea Leaves (Ilex paraguariensis St. Hil.)
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 47 (2) 221–226 (2009)

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