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     ♦ Tomislav Pogačić, Nikolina Kelava, Šimun Zamberlin, Iva Dolenčić-Špehar
        and Dubravka Samaržija

        Methods for Culture-Independent Identification of Lactic Acid Bacteria
        in Dairy Products
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 48 (1) 3–10 (2010)

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     ♦ Tushar Gulati, Mainak Chakrabarti, Anshu Singh, Muralidhar Duvuuri
        and Rintu Banerjee

        Comparative Study of Response Surface Methodology, Artificial
        Neural Network and Genetic Algorithms for Optimization of
        Soybean Hydration
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 48 (1) 11–18 (2010)
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     ♦ Crislene Barbosa de Almeida, Kelly Tafari Catelam,
        Marinônio Lopes Cornélio and José Francisco Lopes Filho
        Morphological and Structural Characteristics of Zein Biofilms
        with Added Xanthan Gum
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 48 (1) 19–27 (2010)

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     ♦ Dayane Alberton, David Alexander Mitchell, Jesús Cordova,
        Patrício Peralta Zamora and Nadia Krieger
        Production of a Fermented Solid Containing Lipases of
        Rhizopus microsporus and Its Application in the Pre-Hydrolysis
        of a High-Fat Dairy Wastewater
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 48 (1) 28–35 (2010)

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     ♦ Alejandra Huerta-Abrego, Maira Segura-Campos, Luis Chel-Guerrero
        and David Betancur-Ancona
        Changes in the Functional Properties of Three Starches by
        Interaction with Lima Bean Proteins
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 48 (1) 36–41 (2010)

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     ♦ Bo Chu Wang, Rui He and Zhi Min Li
        The Stability and Antioxidant Activity of Anthocyanins from
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 48 (1) 42–49 (2010)

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     ♦ Lixia Hou, Yongyi Zhu and Qingxiao Li
        Characterization and Preparation of Broken Rice Proteins
        Modified by Proteases
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 48 (1) 50–55 (2010)

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     ♦ Ivana Marova, Martina Carnecka, Andrea Halienova, Emilia Breierova
        and Radka Koci
        Production of Carotenoid-/Ergosterol-Supplemented Biomass
        by Red Yeast Rhodotorula glutinis Grown Under External Stress
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 48 (1) 56–61 (2010)

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     ♦ Hai Kuan Wang, Cheng Dong, Yong Fu Chen, Li Min Cui
        and He Ping Zhang
        A New Probiotic Cheddar Cheese with High ACE-Inhibitory Activity
        and γ-Aminobutyric Acid Content Produced with Koumiss-Derived
        Lactobacillus casei
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 48 (1) 62–70 (2010)

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     ♦ Li Li, Xi-Hong Li and Zhao-Jun Ban
        A Mathematical Model of the Modified Atmosphere Packaging
        (MAP) System for the Gas Transmission Rate of Fruit Produce
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 48 (1) 71–78 (2010)

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     ♦ Fadila Ayati, Majda Aziza, Rachida Maachi and Abdeltif Amrane
        The Substrate Carbon Consumption and Metabolite Production
        to Describe the Growth of Geotrichum candidum and
        Penicillium camemberti
on Glucose and Amino Acids
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 48 (1) 79–85 (2010)

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    ♦ Sandra Pedisić, Verica Dragović-Uzelac, Branka Levaj
       and Dubravka Škevin
       Effect of Maturity and Geographical Region on Anthocyanin
       Content of Sour Cherries (Prunus cerasus var. marasca)
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 48 (1) 86–93 (2010)

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     ♦ Keliang Yan, Wen Zhang, Hongbo Yu, Hongxun Wang and Xiaoyu Zhang
        New Polysaccharide Compounds Derived from Submerged Culture
        of Ganoderma lucidum and Lycium barbarum
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 48 (1) 94–101 (2010)

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     ♦ Sezai Ercisli, Murat Tosun, Boris Duralija, Sandra Voća, Memnune Sengul
        and Metin Turan
        Phytochemical Content of Some Black (Morus nigra L.) and Purple
        (Morus rubra L.) Mulberry Genotypes
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 48 (1) 102–106 (2010)

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     ♦ Fan-Yun Meng, Xiao-Nan Liu, Le Jia, Zhen Song, Peng Deng
        and Ke-Ming Fan

        Culture Optimization and Amino Acid Composition of Cr-Enriched
        Mycelia of Pleurotus cornucopiae SD-01
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 48 (1) 107–113 (2010)

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