Ribosomal RNA Operons in Streptomyces rimosus: Sequence of the rrnF and Comparative Analysis of rrn Promoter Regions

Petar Pujić, Sonja Durajlija-Žinić, Suada Pandža, Andreja Mikoč, Miroslav Plohl and Vera Gamulin*

Department of Molecular Genetics, Ruđer Bošković Institute, Bijenička 54, HR-10000 Zagreb, Croatia

Article history:

Received January 17, 2001
Accepted March 23, 2001

Key words:

rRNA operon, multiple promoters, streptomycetes, X62884


One of the six Streptomyces rimosus ribosomal RNA operons, rrnF, was completely sequenced. rRNA genes, arranged in the order 16S-23S-5S, encode 1529, 3121 and 120 nucleotides long rRNAs, respectively. tRNA genes were not found in the 16S-23S spacer region, or at the 3' end of the operon. Only one putative promoter of the rrnF operon (P4) was identified by sequence similarity. Open reading frames, located on both sides of the rrnF, are conserved at the same positions in some other Streptomyces rRNA operons. According to the conserved EcoRI sites, two more types of promoter regions exist in the five remaining S. rimosus rRNA operons. Three operons have type I promoter region and a sequenced representative contained four putative promoters (P1-P4). Type II promoter region, present in two operons, is most likely deletion derivative of the type I and misses P2 and P3 promoters. Only the most proximal promoter, P4, and downstream DNA sequences are highly conserved in all three analysed promoter regions of S. rimosus rRNA operons.

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