Influence of Tarhana Herb (Echinophora sibthorpiana) on Fermentation of Tarhana, Turkish Traditional Fermented Food

Nurcan Değirmencioğlu1, Duygu Göçmen2*, Ayhan Dağdelen1 and Fatih Dağdelen2

Department of Food Technology, Bandirma Vocational School, Balikesir University, TR-10 200 Bandirma, Turkey

2Department of Food Engineering, Faculty of Agriculture, Uludag University, TR-16 059 Gorukle-Bursa, Turkey

Article history:

Received October 14, 2004
Accepted February 28, 2005

Key words:

tarhana, tarhana herb, lactic acid bacteria, fermentation, yeast


Tarhana herb (Echinophora sibthorpiana) (TH) is used as a spice in tarhana. It has a pleasant flavour and stimulates some microorganisms. In this study, the fermentation activity of tarhana was investigated by monitoring the lactic acid bacteria (LAB) and yeast populations when TH was used as additive. It can be said that tarhana herb (Echinophora sibthorpiana) prevented the decrease in the counts of LAB and yeast below the initial number during tarhana fermentation.

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