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The Impact of Heat-Moisture Treatment on the Properties of Musa paradisiaca L. Starch and Optimization of Process Variables

Maria José Missão Cordeiro1orcid tiny, Cristiane Martins Veloso1*orcid tiny, Leandro Soares Santos2orcid tiny, Renata Cristina Ferreira Bonomo1orcid tiny, Márcio Caliari2orcid tiny and Rafael da Costa Ilhéu Fontan1orcid tiny



1Process Engineering Laboratory, State University of Southwest Bahia, 45700-000 Itapetinga, BA, Brazil
2Agronomy School, Federal University of Goiás, Campus Samambaia, 74690-900 Goiânia, GO, Brazil

Article history:
Received: 29 August 2017
Accepted: 7 August 2018

Key words:
Musa paradisiaca L., physical changes, physicochemical properties, thermal properties, digestibility

Starch stability under the processing conditions can be improved by modifying the granule structure using chemical and/or physical processes. The effect of heat-moisture treatment (HMT) on the physicochemical, morphological, pasting and thermal properties of green banana (Musa paradisiaca L.) starch was investigated. To analyze the changes in starch properties due to the combined effect of the process variables, time (h), moisture (%), and temperature (°C) were considered as independent variables using a central composite rotatable design. The native starch extracted using ammonium hydroxide as an antioxidant contained 80.4 % total carbohydrates, 53.7 % apparent amylose, 11.46 % moisture, and other constituents (ash, protein, lipids), which accounted for less than 1 %. The granule morphology was affected by the moisture and temperature used in HMT. A and B type X-ray diffraction patterns were observed in the native and modified starch. Mathematical models that describe the behaviour of modified starch properties as a function of the evaluated parameters were obtained. The variables time and temperature significantly affected the physicochemical, rheological and digestibility properties of starch.

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