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Tween® 20-Enhanced Bioreduction of Acetophenones Promoted by Daucus carota Root

Monique Rodrigues da Costasmall orcid_display_4pp  and Álvaro Takeo Omori*small orcid_display_4pp

Center for Natural Sciences and Humanities, Federal University of ABC – UFABC, Av. dos Estados 5001, CEP 09210-580, Santo André, SP, Brazil

Article history:
Received May 13, 2016
Accepted March 16, 2017

Key words:
biocatalysis, carrot root, surfactants, chiral alcohols

The effect of surfactants on the bioreduction of acetophenones mediated by carrot (Daucus carota) root was investigated. Among the tested surfactants, Tween® 20 slightly improved the conversion. The amount of surfactant was optimised, and the presented methodology was applied to other substituted acetophenones, which led to the preparation of their respective optically enriched 1-phenylethanols with high conversion levels and high enantioselectivities.

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