Tables and Figures Guidelines

It is normally better to use tables to present detailed numeric information, while graphs are better for broad comaprisons and indicating trends. Each table and illustration must contain all necessary information to be understood independently of the text. The same data should not be reproduced in both diagrams and tables. All figures (graphs, photographs, diagrams, etc.) and tables should be cited in the text and numbered consecutively throughout. The placement of figures and tables should be indicated.

Parts of figures must be identified by lower case Roman letters: a), b), c) etc.. The size of letters and other symbols on diagrams and figures should be such as to allow reduction to column width without loss in legibility. Unmounted figures are preferred.

Figures and other illustrations should be of good quality, in vector format, well-contrasted and black and white. If authors insist on colour prints, they will be asked to pay the additional cost.

Figure legends should be placed below each figure, while table headings should appear above the tables. They should both clearly explain the content of figure or table. Footnotes to tables should be indicated by superscript letters or symbols, except for abbreviations, which should be repeated in the footnote. All abreviations should be described in figure legends or table footnotes.

The values on the x- and y-axes must be clearly and precisely defined, decimal numbers must be written with decimal points, not commas.

Precision of Mean Values and Standard Deviation

In figures, experimental error and statistical significance should be indicated clearly.
In tables, when selecting the number of significant digits, precision must be taken into account, but too much information should be avoided.
The correct number of significant figures in a mean value is the number of digits that are certain plus only one uncertain digit. The mean value should have the same number of places after the decimal point as the rounded standard deviation. When necessary, statistical significace can be indicated by lower case letters in superscript, but in that case the mean value and its standard deviation must be written in brackets (superscripted letter must be after the bracket).

can be submitted as doc, docx, jpg, tiff or bmp files and tables as doc, docx, xls or xlsx files, however, editable formats are preferred (vector format for figures and Excel or any other editable format for tables). Figures should be added at the end of the manuscript (with legends) and uploaded separately in vector format.


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