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Manuscripts in this section have been accepted for publication. However, these are unedited versions that will undergo copyediting and typesetting before they are published in the final form. They are provided here as a service to our readers for faster access to the latest information. Note that the published version will differ from this one as a result of linguistic and technical corrections and layout editing.


♦  Yuhe Kan, Zhikun Zhang, Kunhao Yang, Mengru Ti, Yongqi Ke, Li Wu, Jingkui Yang and Yujian He
    Influence of D-Amino Acids in Beer on Formation of Uric Acid   

Sonja P. Veljović, Nikola S. Tomić, Miona M. Belović, Ninoslav J. Nikićević, Predrag V. Vukosavljević, Miomir P. Nikšić
    and Vele V. Tešević

    Volatile, Colour and Sensory Quality of Spirit-Based Beverages Enriched with Medicinal Fungus Ganoderma
and Herbal Extract   

♦  Maria Alexandri, Roland Schneider, Kerstin Mehlmann and Joachim Venus
Recent Advances on D-Lactic Acid Production from Renewable Resources: Case Studies on Agro-industrial
    Waste Streams   

Adriana García-Gurrola, Susana Rincón, Alberto A. Escobar-Puentes, Alejandro Zepeda and Fernando Martínez-Bustos
Microencapsulation of Red Sorghum Phenolic Compounds with Esterified Sorghum Starches as Encapsulant
    Materials by Spray Drying

♦  Rutairat Suttisuwan, Saranya Phunpruch, Tanatorn Saisavoey, Papassara Sangtanoo, Nuttha Thongchul and Aphichart Karnchanatat
Free Radical Scavenging Properties and Induction of Apoptotic Effects in Preparation Obtained Upon Proteolysis of Bioactive
    Peptides from Microalgae Synechococcus sp. VDW     

Tábita Veiga Dias Rodrigues, Thalita D. Amore, Erika Carvalho Teixeira and Janaina Fernandes de Medeiros Burkert
Carotenoid Production by Rhodotorula mucilaginosa in Batch and Fed-Batch Fermentation Using Agroindustrial Byproducts   

Indrajeet Singh Banjare, Kamal Gandhi, Khushbu Sao and Rajan Sharma
Physicochemical Characterization and Stability of Spray-Dried Whey Protein Concentrate–Iron Complex

Ante Rako, Milna Tudor Kalit and Samir Kalit
Effect of Sheep Milk Composition on Strength and Syneresis of Rennet-Induced Milk Gel During Lactation

Birendra Kumar Mishra, Subrota Hati, Sujit Das and Jashbhai B Prajapati
Bio-Functional Attributes and Storage Study of Fermented Soy Milk by Lactobacillus rhamnosus and Lactobacillus helveticus       

♦  Chotika Jirasuteeruk and Chockchai Theerakulkait
Ultrasound-Assisted Extraction of Phenolic Compounds from Mango (Mangifera indica cv. Chok-anan) Peel and Its Inhibitory
    Effect on Enzymatic Browning of 
Potato Puree        

♦  Qabul Dinanta Utama, Azis Boing Sitanggang, Dede Robiatul Adawiyah 
and Purwiyatno Hariyadi
Lipase-Catalyzed Interesterification for the Synthesis of Medium-Long-Medium (MLM)-Type of Structured Lipids – A Review     

♦  Christian Alexandretti, Roberto Verlindo, Guilherme De Souza Hassemer, Alexandra Manzoli, Silvane Souza Roman, Ilizandra Aparecida
    Fernandes, Geciane Toniazzo Backes, Rogério Luis Cansian, Mônica Beatriz Alvarado Soares, Rodrigo Schwert and Eunice Valduga
Structural and Techno-Functional Properties of Bovine Collagens and Application in Hamburgers      

♦  Ivica Kos, Ana Zgomba Maksimovic, Marija Zunabovic Pichler, Sigrid Mayrhofer, Konrad J. Domig and Mirna Mrkonjic Fuka
The Influence of Meat Batter and Sausage Diameter on Microbiota and Sensory Traits of Artisanal Wild Boar Meat Sausages       

♦  Yudi Ma, Qiang Wang, Dantong Wang, Juan Huang, Rui Sun, Xinyu Mao, Yuan Tian and Qiang Xia
Silica-Lipid Hybrid Microparticles as Efficient Vehicles for Enhanced Stability and Bioaccessibility of Curcumin      

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